trans ericCCDr. Eric J. Scroggins is an author, professional keynote speaker, pastor, banker, and recognized business leader. He has worked in both corporate and non-profit enterprises bringing leadership expertise, motivation, and strategic thinking to each assignment. Eric is most noted for transforming organizations and creating exceptional performance through proven sales techniques, improving customer service, and helping employees engage more effectively. His passion is to help others reach new heights by overcoming barriers and turning their careers or businesses into personal success stories. Dr. Scroggins is also the founder of M6 Global Resources, a not for profit resource generator bringing assistance to people around the world.         

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What People Are Saying About His Book:

Vision Blockers: How to Shatter Barriers to Achieve Your Destiny
Eric J. Scroggins, Ph. D.
Aviva Publishing
$25 hardback


Redmond-based author Dr. Eric J. Scroggins, who is also a speaker, pastor, and entrepreneur, has set his sights on helping others reach their highest potential. His 2014 book was written to help budding entrepreneurs and leaders remove clutter from their lives and spring into action. Dr. Scroggins begins each chapter with positive-mindset quotes or biblical verses before tackling different hurdles readers will eventually come across in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Scroggins covers such topics as addressing fear and how to not let anxiety stop you from achieving your potential, and does so using a straightforward yet gentle approach. Dr. Scroggins stresses the importance of having a clear vision and a healthy lifestyle in successfully identifying your purpose, leading with conviction, and making a positive impact on those around you.

Aviva Publishing