While the economic conditions of our country seem less than favorable it’s at times like these that opportunity abounds.  Opportunities are available for those positioned to take advantage of them when they arise.  Correct positioning requires that the most important aspect of our life, our thinking, be aligned and on point.  The right mentality makes all the difference in the world in seizing opportunity.

Over the next several weeks I will be addressing the abundant mentality and environmental characteristics of a “scarcity” mentality that keep us from taking advantage of opportunities that come our way.

In order to set the stage for changing the environmental characteristic and the mentality difference, I must start with our relationship with us. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what concept we learn, financial strategy we employ, business idea we master if we don’t first understand that we are living a life of purpose and can embrace that purpose with passion.

Without trying to go down the road of preaching, there is a scripture that I think is fitting for this topic.  Jeremiah 29:11 says “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hoped for.”

In this passage God is speaking to the Israelites and telling them “Look I created you with a purpose and my plan for your life is that you fulfill that purpose.

To obtain an abundant mindset we must start with the mindset that we have been created with and are here with a purpose.  Literally, we have been created with great purpose, great creativity and great opportunity in us that is waiting to be explored and developed.  Like a crouching tiger waiting to launch on unsuspecting prey, your purpose in life is waiting to be released.  If we can gain that understanding, it puts abundance in a completely different realm of understanding.  The fact that you have purpose and with that purpose have an obligation, a duty, a responsibility to succeed and be prosperous is life changing.  This world needs what you have to offer.  The products or services or technology that you bring will radically change society and make an impact on all of us.
Your life has been created with purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled the beauty of life is truly revealed.  Lives are transformed by you operating in the area you have been designed for.

To create an abundant mentality and to take advantage of all this life has to offer – you must be able to create a self image of abundance.  Conquering success and gaining financial security demands that something in your thinking change.

The Key to Abundance is in the Mind!

 The biggest obstacle standing in your way is the 6 inches between your ears – your mind.  Something has to change in your thinking that will allow you to enter the abundant mentality.

As a coach for families and individuals that struggling to make relationships work I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with countless individuals hoping to have a successful relationship.  In these session discussing the dating and marriage relationship, a character quality was revealed that opened my eyes to the key to changing their life and offering them the hope of a successful relationship.  “Their thinking needed to change!”  I would meet women that met the love of their life, fell in love, got married only to have the marriage end in divorce, then the second relationship would come along, they would fall in love, get married only to have that relationship meet the same fate.  This would happen multiple times before they would reach out for help to try and understand what was going wrong.  The issue was that she was choosing a different man with the same problems.  It wasn’t until something changed in her that she began to look for different things in the men she was dating.  Once she made that shift in her thinking translated into what she was looking for in him the successful relationship happened.

Having the proper relationship with money does not entail doing the same things you have always done hoping for something different.  Let’s face it you will get the same results.  Failed attempts at success, living in poverty or scarcity, trying to get by wondering what is wrong.

The cycle of relationships doesn’t change until something changes in us, the cycle of money doesn’t change until something changes in us.

There are countless opportunities facing you today.  Whether in business, real estate, new job opportunities, business acquisitions or start ups, none of them are going to be successful if we continue to bring our old thinking and our poor self image ridden with a lack of purpose with us.

It is time to change our relationship with money by understanding the environment we live in and the mentalities we are holding on too that keep us from reaching the success we want.

In the next post I will be dealing with the first of the poor environmental qualities that keep us locked in scarcity “Background Noise”.  This one area, when improved, can open up the door to endless possibilities.