I was recently reading the Fortune Magazine, April 7, 2014 edition.  There was an article titled “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”.  The article obviously listed the 50 greatest leaders around the world and highlighted their story.  From Pope Francis to Bill Clinton and from Derek Jeter to Tim Cook, the article listed what each one was most widely known for and what they considered to be the greatest attribute of leadership.

What struck me was the consistent quality listed in each leader’s story that made them great and took them to unparalleled results in their own life and business.  That quality was an unwavering, passionate and well-articulated Vision.  As I read each story I was impressed how clearly each of these great leaders stood for something so magnanimous and were very clear about their life’s mission.  They had a vision and that vision fueled them to achieve their destiny.

Vision is something so amazing.  There is an old proverb that says “Without Vision the People Perish”.  Understanding the deeper meaning of that proverb revels that without, vision people become unbridled, disconnected and discontent.  If that is true, then the opposite must also be true.  With Vision people become directed, focused, connected, in fact, people become unstoppable.

Helen Keller said “It’s a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”  She understood the acute quality that vision provides.  It gives fuel to the dream, it puts the fight in life, it causes the bearer to be motivated toward the goal.  Vision is a fuel that drives a life to reach unequaled goals and allows the bearer to fulfill their destiny.

 Each of these great leaders listed in this fortune magazine had incredible vision.  From advocating for educational rights to leading Apple in a post Steve Jobs era company, each one of them knew exactly where they were going.  In their heart they were able to completely see their life, having realized their dream.

Ask yourself some questions today:

1.       What do I want out of my life?

2.       Where do I see my life going?

3.       Am I satisfied with where I am and what I’m doing?

4.       Is there more I was put here to do?

5.       What have I always been dreaming about?

These questions should spark thought toward your life’s mission and your life’s goals.  Can you clearly see what you are supposed to accomplish?  To get somewhere great you have to see somewhere great.  Most of the time people can’t see from point A to point B and point B is where their destiny lives.  Point B is the finish line, point B is the prize.  What does your point B look like?

If you couldn’t answer these questions satisfactorily, chances are you are dissatisfied with your currently life situation.  So it begs the question:  What are you going to do about it?  As we just learned vision is the fuel to drive you to your dream so what does that vision look like for you and when are you going to start down that path?

In my own life vision has been incredibly instrumental in getting me to where I am today.  I can remember being a small boy and having my mom ask “What are you going to be when you grow up?” This question has resonated with me from that period in my life.  I would contemplate that question, I would think about it, dream about it and try desperately to answer it.  As a published author, speaker, coach and banker I am walking in the answer to that question.  To see my life as a child, I wanted to lead, teach, train and inspire others.  Today I get to do all of those things, but it wasn’t until I could see that I could achieve.

Vision is your fuel!  Find your vision and you will find your purpose and achieve your destiny and become unstoppable!