My dear friends Dr. Eric and Saundra, you left us on fire here in Uganda! Everybody is on fire and they can’t wait to put into practice everything you taught us! Everybody keeps asking that when is Dr. Eric and Saundra coming back this YEAR!!! The teachings, impartation and fire you ignited among us is so incredible. I appreciate your time and man, the workshops were Devine, practical, and life changing….

Martin Ssepuuya

CEO, Asante Tours Safaris & Travel LTD.

Vision Blockers: How to Shatter Barriers to Achieve Your Destiny
Eric J. Scroggins, Ph. D.
Aviva Publishing
$25 hardback

Redmond-based author Dr. Eric J. Scroggins, who is also a speaker, pastor, and entrepreneur, has set his sights on helping others reach their highest potential. His 2014 book was written to help budding entrepreneurs and leaders remove clutter from their lives and spring into action. Dr. Scroggins begins each chapter with positive-mindset quotes or biblical verses before tackling different hurdles readers will eventually come across in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Scroggins covers such topics as addressing fear and how to not let anxiety stop you from achieving your potential, and does so using a straightforward yet gentle approach. Dr. Scroggins stresses the importance of having a clear vision and a healthy lifestyle in successfully identifying your purpose, leading with conviction, and making a positive impact on those around you.

Aviva Publishing

Vision Blockers is a must-have resource for entrepreneurs and leaders alike. Eric Scroggins shares secrets to successfully navigating life’s challenges, while maintaining focus and vision towards one’s destiny. Perfect for anyone in transition to a better self, Overcoming Your Vision Blockers inspires a new approach for pursuing possibility.

Heather Allen MGIM-MBA,

author of Let Your Creativity Work for You

This book will propel you from where you are, to where you want to go! Apply this wisdom to your life, and you will more clearly see your own vision and accomplish everything you desire!

Patrick Snow

International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

You can expect nothing less but to be recharged, focused and fueled by Eric’s book. If you want to finally realize your purpose start here.

Michael Fulmore

If you are looking for a powerful resource to help you break through barriers that are holding you back in life or at work, I highly recommend Eric Scroggins’ book, “Vision Blockers”.  As a Leadership and Teambuilding Coach, I work with people every day who are stuck – personally and professionally – and have a hard time seeing the opportunities that lie before them.  This book is powerful because it taps into the soul of each of us and allows us to find the courage to focus on what’s right about us, what’s possible, and stop focusing on the “Vision Blockers” and self-destructing stories that hold us back.

Theresa Callahan

Author of Managing For Performance: Building Accountability for Team Success

Have you ever felt that pull toward something greater, a pull that comes from a place rooted so deep you know in your heart it is your true direction, yet it is rooted so deep that the way there, the way from where you are now to where you want to be is obscure and seemingly nonexistent?  Through Eric Scroggins’ book, through his lessons and through his passion, you will find your way; you will find your way to the life you only thought could exist in a dream. Get ready to find your vision, and live it.

Jennifer Lee Tracy

Author of Sincerely, The Mentor: A Journey of Perception

I believe Eric has hit the mark dead center. Not only is his insight valuable it will help anyone move forward to power through any barrier. This book is for those of us with a dream!

Jerome Midgette

Author, Teacher

Take heart dear reader! You have an ally for change in Dr. Eric Scroggins!  Eric understands what it is to be “stuck” in life by visible and invisible ties that keep you blocked from fulfilling the amazing destiny you were created to experience! Vision Blockers will not only help you identify and overcome your blind spots but also help you find and fulfill the vision of your heart and begin to live the life of your dreams!

Dana E. Morrison

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of Transforming Your Life Now!

Eric Scroggins has written a book that is a must read for every business person.  He masterfully guides the reader to identify his or her passion and beautifully helps you to discover the barriers to getting there.  This is a book I will refer too many times.

Sheila Paxton

Author, Getting Past Jaded, Founder, Fit4love

“Vision Blockers is a blueprint for self-discovery. With gentle guidance, the author helps you break through barriers that stand in your way of applying your gifts, talents, needs, wants, and true desires, to uncover the real you – and the life you are destined to live.”

Susan Friedmann

International bestselling author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market.

“Vision Blockers” provides a unique fusion of timeless spiritual wisdom with the science of modern business to provide a powerful tool for success.

Jack L. Harris

Hands of Hope Foundation International (Iraq)

As a business owner, father of two (independently minded teens), and passionate about having mentors, I cannot recommend ‘Vision Blockers’ enough.  Eric has done an excellent job of providing a practical guide, realize the importance of crafting your vision, and integrating into your life’s journey.  Whether its change management, dealing with adversity, or merely getting ‘unstuck’, his words ring true and clear and lead you in building the framework to move through life in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Randall Broad

Author “It’s an Extraordinary Life – Don’t Miss It”

Wonderful presentation!  Eric is a great speaker that captures the audience and keeps them engaged.  Can’t wait for more!

Nicole Y.

Swedish Medical

Great presentation, thank you for contributing to my life with this material.

Eric I.

Great passion for the message, Love the way you deliver the principles with simplicity to apply to everyday life.  Great Job!

Maryellen B.

We wish to thank you for the invaluable contribution you made at the CONNECT meeting.  We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us and encourage our nurses to develop their vision.  Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our nurses.  Your willingness to give of your time, energy and support is greatly appreciated.

Erika L

NewCare Inc.