Overcome Your Vision Blockers and Embrace Your Future!

BrokeMedResWebbook-cover-picAre you where you thought you would be by now?  Does it seem like you’re stuck and don’t know how to move forward?  Do you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and where your life is supposed to be going?  Proverbs 29:18 says “Without Vision the people perish.”

So often we find ourselves without vision.  It’s time finally to get one.  Let business leader, pastor, and coach Dr. Eric J. Scroggins show you how to overcome the vision blockers in your life.  In Vision Blockers, you will discover how to:

  • Break the habits and life choices that have brought you to some unsavory situations
  • Course correct to bring your life back to where you are hitting the target
  • Change from the traditional, cultural, and stale thinking that keeps you stuck
  • Heal the pain of your past and turn into a strength
  • Create a new vision and execute on it to make a brighter future

If you are tired of being bound by your current circumstances and ready to embrace your future, ready to grow your business, and ready to see your life in forward motion, Vision Blockers will empower you to tap into internal resources, forge a new vision, and live a life of power, passion and prosperity.

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“Praise for Vision Blockers”

Vision Blockers is a must-have resource for entrepreneurs and leaders alike. Eric Scroggins shares secrets to successfully navigating life’s challenges, while maintaining focus and vision towards one’s destiny. Perfect for anyone in transition to a better self,  Vision Blockers inspires a new approach for pursuing possibility.

–Heather Allen MGIM-MBA, author of Let Your Creativity Work for You

If you are looking for a powerful resource to help you break through barriers that are holding you back in life or at work, I highly recommend Eric Scroggins’ book, “Vision Blockers”.  As a Leadership and Teambuilding Coach, I work with people every day who are stuck – personally and professionally – and have a hard time seeing the opportunities that lie before them.  This book is powerful because it taps into the soul of each of us and allows us to find the courage to focus on what’s right about us, what’s possible, and stop focusing on the “Vision Blockers” and self-destructing stories that hold us back.

–Theresa Callahan, Author of Managing For Performance:  Building Accountability for Team Success

This book will propel you from where you are, to where you want to go! Apply this wisdom to your life, and you will more clearly see your own vision and accomplish everything you desire!

–Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

You can expect nothing less but to be recharged, focused and fueled by Eric’s book. If you want to finally realize your purpose start here.

–Michael Fulmore Author of “Unleashing Your Ambition”